Tips for Study in Germany for Indonesian Students

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Study in Germany for Indonesian always be a favourite programme. Germany is a popular destination for international students to study in higher education. As general international students who take a study abroad, culture shock may make a significant gap for international students, especially Indonesian. Here are tips you need to prepare if you plan to study in Germany for Indonesian students to fill the culture gap while they are studying in Germany.

  •    Prepare for organized. For Germans, 5-minute delay into 3-hour journey is a big deal. Germans people love to punctuality and order. It is their daily expression for reliability. Germans people love when something works as a plan. German universities are the best example of lateness by the plan. Germans have a term called “academic quarter hour”. It is the time schedule gets annotation to the lecture time with “s.t” or “c.t”. The “s.t” means the lecture will starts sharp at the time. The “c.t” means that the schedule included 15 minutes delay.
  •    Prepare for wicked words. According to DAAD data, there is around 816 master program in English that offered by German Universities in over the country. Even as you take the academic degree in English, it is always important to get skill in local language around daily life even for shopping or understanding the train’s conductor.
  •    Prepare for being stunned. Germans people, on average, are people that critical and directly when bordering to blunt. Germans people are single-minded efficiency so you might found that they are kept the minimum in communication when they have serious to do.
  •    Prepare for history. It is important for international students to know how much the events form the last 20th century has changed and shaped the country. German higher education places as big awareness after the horrible War World II. German universities are oldest among in the world and have carried rich tradition over the centuries. Most of Germany universities are named with great minds of the country.

There are tips for you if you want to join programme study in Germany for Indonesian

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